What’s in a name?

Pain du jour can be loosely translated as ‘bread of the day’. We at Pain du Jour believe good food is always prepared fresh, healthy and for the day.

All our ingredients are locally sourced and every product is made from scratch by hand, with passion and a whole lot of love.

Who are we?

Established in January 2014, Pain du Jour is an amalgamation of months of hard work, incessant traveling and an all-consuming love for healthy & wholesome food.

Currently situated in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Pain du Jour is a one-man bakery that creates and sells fresh home made food products while promoting a healthy living.

What do we do?

We specialize in creating healthy bread and tea cakes using simple ingredients and traditional recipes. All our products are free of additives such as enhancers, artificial colours, added gluten, preservatives, improvers & emulsifiers.

Our aim is to be instrumental in encouraging and propagating the concept of healthy eating & organic living. We take pride in creating wholesome products that are beautiful both on the inside and out.

Rohan Chakravarthy