Kneading With Love – The Concept of Pain Du Jour


From The Pain Du Jour Trailer

From The Pain Du Jour Trailer

It’s been a little over a year since Pain du Jour first kicked off and I feel like we’ve only just begun. What started as just a doodle on the back of a notebook is now slowing materializing into something larger than I could have ever dreamt of. With the commencement of a new phase in Pain du Jour, I am extremely excited about what future holds for us and I hope to share it with as many people as possible. Pain du Jour is my love child. My love affair with the concepts of sustainable agriculture and whole foods first began when I interned with Greenpeace India as a public engagement campaigner. My job required me to research on the ill effects of genetically modified organisms as one of our campaigns was against the BT Brinjal crop in India. I was engulfed the first time I read about these concepts and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve now spent four years and counting and I still feel like I’ve understood only the crux of the problem.

Another problem I feel strongly for is that of misinformation and illiteracy with regard to food labeling and processing. In bakeries today, it’s normal practice to add large amounts of preservatives, additives like colorants and added gluten, emulsifiers and other such chemicals to add to the product’s shelf life and texture. Most people consuming these products aren’t aware of the number of chemicals that go into making their daily bread, nor do they realize its ill effects. Food labels are ineffective and a lot of times harmful chemicals are disguised in the form of fat or sugar substitutes.

Starting out with Pain du Jour, I knew one of my biggest strengths would lie in being able to create a product that is truest to its original form. I truly believe in the concept of wholefoods and sustainable agriculture and I wouldn’t be happy creating anything else. More than getting a product to look perfect or last long I think it’s more important to believe in it and its value. I think its passion and love that make for the best food.

We are going to be baking and blogging a lot so watch out for both!


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