Hand made- The Philosophy Behind Pain Du Jour In 4 Simple Points

I started Pain du Jour with the hope of making it a one-stop shop for all things wholesome, French and preservative free. Over the past year we have worked and re worked our menu to ensure we put out only our best produce. We are still a continuous work in progress and with each day we strive to make the same product healthier, better and tastier.


One of the biggest problems I have had to encounter is categorizing my products. To put it across very simply, they are wholesome, healthy and preservative free. I am very skeptical about calling my products healthy because the concept of healthy today is so confusing. Are our products good for health? Absolutely! Are they better than their packaged nemesis? Of course. Will they help you lose weight? Now, that’s entirely up to how you consume it.

Pain du Jour products are not synonymous with diet food, nor do they pretend to be. Our baguettes are within the standard size requirements and it’s ingredient quantities are within the limits of a healthy diet. However, whether it will aid your weight loss is not something we can vouch for. We advice you to speak with a nutritionist or dietician to better understand your bodily requirements. Once you have that information we can then guide you on what products will best suit your needs.

Below are a couple of pointers with regard to our products to help you understand our products and why we term them healthy.    

 1. Preservative & added gluten free.

All our products are made using refined flour unless specifically mentioned. We stick to using refined flour as it contains sufficient amounts of gluten required for bread making without having to use additional chemicals like emulsifiers, dough enhancers or added gluten. We don’t use the help of any artificial chemicals or enzymes to increase the shelf life of our products.         

2. No Saturated or Trans fat

Apart from the butter we use for our croissants, none of our ingredients contain any form of saturated fats or trans fats.     

3. Whole meal, not whole-wheat

A product is called whole meal when whole grains are used in production. Whole meal is a healthier and more nutritious alternative to whole-wheat flour. We use only whole grains for our multi grain baguettes.                

       4.Fresh, for the day!

We don’t use any artificial means to enhance the shelf life of our products. We make all our products fresh for the day and dispose them once they’ve expired. For this reason we require a minimum of 48 to 72 hours’ notice when placing orders.

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