The Parisian Affair

"Paris is always a good idea"


French breakfast is synonymous with croissants. Be it at the fine dining restaurants on Champs Elyees or at the quaint cafes in Auvergne, this wonderful treat is seen in many forms across the country. Pain du Jour brings to you the most authentic version of the french croissant, ensuring that you don’t need to travel all the way to Europe just to get a little taste of Paris.

CROISSANT AU BEURRE (butter croissant)                Rs. 89/-

PAIN AU CHOCOLAT (chocolate croissant)                  Rs. 94/-



"It’s cool to be healthy"

Made with just five simple ingredients, Buff Breads contain all the nutrients and healthy fats you need to kick start your day. The absence of any food colours and saturated fats give these loaves a  unique texture and flavour, making them the ideal breakfast meal for everyone.

PAIN DE CAMPAGNE (french baguette)             Rs. 64/-

PAIN AU GRAINES (multi grain baguette)         Rs. 69/-


The Royal High Tea

"Let them eat cake"

Although most tea parties are a pretty picture of profiteroles, macaroons and bundt cakes, we at Pain du Jour do ours a little differently. Using buttermilk, canola oil and egg whites whipped into French meringues our teacakes are lighter than air, low on gluten and sugar, and free of saturated fats. Our breads are naturally sweetened and make for a great alternative to sugar-ridden cookies and tarts.

PAIN AUX FIGUES (fig bread)                                              Rs. 124/-

PAIN AU NOIX-ETTES (walnut & hazelnut bread)                    Rs. 134/-



"Around the world in 80 loaves"

The Global Gourmand Bread is wonderfully unique and flavorsome. Be it the peppery focaccia of Italy or the aromatic spiced bread from Morocco, each loaf is characteristic of the region it comes from and truest to it’s form. With this range we at Pain du Jour hope to bring a little bit of the world to your dinner table.

FOUGASSE (olive bread)                Rs. 60/-

MOROCCAN SPICED BREAD           Rs. 70/-

The Lavish Liaison

"Opulence: in the time of fat free living"

The Lavish Liaison is symbolic of all things rich and wonderful. Created using a combination of rose petals, almonds, butter, eggs, yeast, flour and milk, these buns make for a delectiable cheat meal. Add a dollop of cream, spread some jam over it, use it for bread pudding and French toast or simply eat it as it is, there’s no wrong way with them.

TRESSE D’AMANDE (almond brioche)                        Rs.110/-

BRIOCHE ROYALE                                                  Rs. 129/-

Treats from Wonderland

"One and one and one make three"

If Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is your kind of party then you might want to pay heed to this section. Our Treats from Wonderland are scrumptious bite sized buns that will cater to  all your unique friends.

SAFRAN (saffron)                                                                                          Rs. 74/-

ABRICOT ET NOIX (apricots & walnuts)                                                               Rs. 74/-

VERTE POMME ET CAMEMBERT (green apples & camembert cheese)                       Rs.74/-



Rohan Chakravarthy